No-Sew Felt Advent Calendar



  1. Fold the yard of green felt in half, cut diagonally from corner to corner for tree triangle shape. From the remaining felt scrap, cut 24 3"x3.5" rectangles .
  2. Mark lines for 4" squares on the backing of all 4 sheets of soft green peel and stick felt. You can fit 6 squares on each sheet. Cut out squares.
  3. Peel the backing from one of the squares, press down one of the rectangles centered at the top to form the outside of the pocket. Starting at the top, add pocket to the tree triangle felt. Work down the tree in a brick work pattern. For the final pocket, cut out a 8"x4" piece and 7"x3.5" piece of white peel and stick felt.
  4. Print our template files on full label sheet paper. Cut to remove a 2 and 5 from the number template. Adhere these to the piece of red peel and stick felt. Adhere the rest of the number template and tree topper template to the white peel and stick felt sheets. Trim to cut out all numbers and tree topper. Peel both sides of each number and adhere them to the corresponding tree pocket. Sandwich both tree topper pieces together on each side of the top of the tree triangle.
  5. Cut out ornament shapes from the ornament template, adhere to your desired colored pieces of regular felt and cut out shapes.

Recipe by Lauren Mancke at